Monday, July 13, 2009

Outspoken Entertainment Summer 2009 Trivia Tournament

This past Sunday the Weasels participated in the Outspoken Entertainment Trivia tournament at Tijuana Joes in Sandy Springs. We had a reasonable showing but, alas, did not win. For your entertainment, here are the questions and answers from the Tournament

(The answers are hidden after each question; highlight to see them.)

A few words on scoring. There are a total of 4 rounds each with 5 questions. FOr the first four questions in each round you assign a point value of 1, 3, 5 or 7 to your answer as you turn it in. (Each number may only be used once per round.)

The bonus rounds have multiple parts and you receive points for each part you answer correctly. On some bonus rounds you can lose points; the points for the answer are deducted from your score if you are incorrect. The number of points for each answer in the bonus rounds varies from round to round.

You have approximately 3-4 minutes (the length of one song played by the DJ) in which to answer each question. The bonus rounds usually last for two songs.

Round 1 - Minnesota, Geography, Sports, "I Didn't Go to Burger King"

1) Minnesota - What Minnesota tourist attraction boasts "Camp Snoopy", the world's largest indoor theme park?
Mall of America

2) Geography - What US State is due south of Alaska?

3) Sports - What racquet sport involves "Bashing a Bird"?

4) "I Didn't Go to Burger King" - In the movie Pulp Fiction, according to the character Vincent Vega, what do they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in France?
A Royale with Cheese

Bonus) 5 answers, 2 points each, -2 points for incorrect answers
According to, what are the officially authorized methods of execution that have been used by the US government?
Electrocution, Firing Squad, Gas, Hanging, Injection

Round 2 - Guinness Book of World Records, Muhammed Ali, Shrinks, Music

1) Guinness Book of World Records - Who is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most successful entertainer of all time?
Michael Jackson

2) Muhammad Ali - What disease was Muhammad Ali diagnosed with in 1984?
Parkinson's Disease

3) Shrinks - What was psychologist Arnold Gesell the first to look through when observing patients?
A one-way mirror

4) Music - What line comes next? "Don't speak, I know just what you're saying. So please stop explaining."
Don't tell me 'cause it hurts ("Don't Speak" by No Doubt)

Bonus) 5 answers, 2 points each, no penalty for wrong answers
Who were the top five highest earning golfers in 2008 (including endorsements) according to
Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, V.J. Singh, Greg Norman, Sergio Garcia

Round 3 - Classic Films, Emperors, Hockey, Potpourri

1) Classic Films - Who danced with a mouse in the film Anchors Aweigh?
Gene Kelly

2) Emperors - What country's last emperor, Henry Pu Yi, died in 1967?

3) Hockey - What jersey number did the NHL retire on April 19, 1999?
99 (belonging to Wayne Gretzky)

4) Potpourri - Within one year either way, in what year was Adolf Hitler born?

Bonus) 17 answers, 1 point each, 3 bonus points (for a total of 20) if all 17 are correct. No penalty for wrong answers.
There are 17 member nations of the United Nations who's names start with the letter "B". Name them.
Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi

Round 4 - Spelling, Religion, Deaths, Potpourri

1) Spelling - According to Merriam-Webster, how do you spell hors d'oeuvers?
hors d'oeuvers (Easy in a text quiz, isn't it?)

2) Religion - What are Catholics belonging to an order founded in 1532 by Ignacius Loyola called?

3) Deaths - The first woman to be executed by the US Government was done so in association with who's death?
Abraham Lincoln

4) Potpourri - What berries did pregnant women in the middle ages avoid for fear of their babies being born with birthmarks?

Bonus) 16 questions, 3 points each, -3 points for each incorrect answer
General Knowledge
a) What state can split into 5 separate states in times of crisis?

b) How many Israeli athletes were killed at the Munich Olympics?

c) What fashion magazines featured Bev Johnson as its first black cover girl in 1974?

d) What animal is most commonly associated with spreading Yellow Fever?
The mosquito

e) Who is credited with saying "When the going gets tough, the tough get going"?
Knute Rockne

Atlanta Falcons
f) Who has the record for both the most passing touchdowns and the most passing interceptions for the Atlanta Falcons?
Steve Bartkowski

g) Who has the most rushing attempts for the Atlanta Falcons?
Darryl Riggs

h) Who has the most receiving yards for the Atlanta Falcons?
Terrence Mathis

i) Who has the most field goals for the Atlanta Falcons?
Morton Anderson

j) Who has the highest single-season passing rating for the Atlanta Falcons?
Matt Ryan

k) The Italian Lira was replaced by the Euro in what year?

l) In what decade did the first Starbucks open?

m) The rock band "The Police" broke up in what year?

n) The Godfather II was released in what year?

o) The Matrix Reloaded was released in what year?

p) Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in what year?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Team Trivia 2009 Spring Tournament

The Weasels once again participated in the Team Trivia tournament this past Sunday at Medieval Times in Atlanta. While we did a somewhat reasonable showing (we were seventh going into the final question) we unfortunately did not win. However, for your entertainment, here are the questions from the tournament.

(The answers are hidden after each question; highlight to see them.)

A few words on scoring. There are a total of 8 rounds. Rounds 1 - 3 each have three questions which are worth 1, 3 or 5 points. You assign the number of points you want to each answer as you turn it in and each point value can only be used once per round.

Next is a bonus round. It is a multiple part question with each answer worth 2 points.

Rounds 4 - 6 are the same as rounds 1 - 3 except that the point values are now 2, 4 or 6.

The final round is another multiple answer bonus round except this time each correct answer is worth 2 points and each wrong answer costs you 2 points. (This is the only time you can lose points)

You have approximately 3-4 minutes (the length of one song played by the DJ) in which to answer each question. The bonus and final rounds each last for two songs.

First Half (Point values 1, 3 and 5)
Round 1 - Actors, Government, Advertising

1) Actors - What actor had the honor of introducing the All-Century team at Major League Baseball's 1999 All-Star Game?
Kevin Costner

2) Government - Of the Executive, Judicial or Legislative, which branch of the US government oversees the Library of Congress?

3) Advertising - What is the name of the electronic emergency response device and service marketed using the phrase "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up."?
Life Alert

Round 2 - Books to Movies, Fictional Places, Animals

1) Books to Movies - What author had five of his stories made into theatrically released films between 1983 and 1984?
Stephen King
Children of the Corn, Christine, Cujo, Dead Zone, Firestarter

2) Fictional Places - On television, what fictional planet was 60 bleems away from the Earth?

3) Animals - What breed of dog is named after the 19th Century English minister who was the first to breed them and who was also a founding member of the London Kennel Club.
Jack Russell Terrier

Round 3 - World Geography, Honors, (American) Football

1) World Geography - For a week in 2001, what country's capitol city changed its name to Middle Earth?
New Zealand

2) Honors - Who is the only person to be nominated for an Academy Award, a Grammy, a Golden Globe and a Nobel Peace Prize?

3) (American) Football - What is the only city to have won a football championship in the NFL, the USFL and in the CFL?
The Colts/Ravens, the Stars and the Stallions

Halftime - 2 points each
Name Whitney Huston's 11 number one songs on the US Billboard Hot 100.
Saving All My Love For You
How Will I Know
Greatest Love of All
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Didn't We Almost Have It All
So Emotional
Where Do Broken Hearts Go
I'm Your Baby Tonight
All the Man That I Need
I Will Always Love You
Exhale ("Shoop Shoop")

Second Half (Point values 2, 4 and 6)
Round 4 - Fictional Characters, The Postal Service, Movie Scenes

1) Fictional Characters - What fictional TV character was born in Riverside, Iowa in the year 2233?
James T. Kirk

2) Postal Service - According to FEMA order 11490, what will be distributed by the US Postal Service following a nuclear attack?
Change of Address cards

3) Movie Scenes - In the movie "Caddyshack", Chevy Chase's character says "Be the ball". In what film does Bill Murry say "Be the hat"?
Groundhog Day

Round 5 - Sports Headlines, News Headlines, Music Headlines

1) Sports Headlines - What athlete made headlines on Sept 20, 1998 by not playing?
Cal Ripkin, Jr.

2) News Headlines - What airline's flight 1549 did Captain "Sully" Sullenberger make headlines by landing safely in the Hudson River in January of 2009?
US Airways

3) Music Headlines - Last month (March 2009) the city of Christchurch, New Zealand announced that it would start playing the music of this American singer at its outdoor malls to deter teenage loitering.
Barry Manilow

Round 6 - TV Finales, Travel, People

1) TV Finales - What sitcom's final episode abruptly ended as its characters reached the number 1 during a New Year's Eve countdown?
That '70s Show

2) Travel - What is the only US state who's automated toll booths on its state toll roads accept pennies?

3) People - 97 year old Millvina Dean of Southampton England is the last living person to have done what?
Survived the sinking of the Titanic

Final - 2 points each, -2 for each incorrect or missing answer
a) In "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", what do the Knights who Say 'Ni' first demand as a tribute from King Arthur?
A shrubbery

b) What Las Vegas hotel-casino features the Roundtable Restaurant, the Steakhouse of Camelot and Sir Galahad's Prime Cuts?
The Excalibur

c) Before the start of the 1987 season, Ray Knight of the New York Mets became the first reigning World Series MVP to sign with another team. What team was it?
Baltimore Orioles

d) What band hit the Top 10 in their native UK, as well as the Top 10 on the US Billboard Modern Rock chart, with their 2006 single "Knights of Cydonia"?

e) What role-playing game features the following description in its Player's Handbook: "Knights need fairly high Charisma scores to take best advantage of their class features"?
Dungeons and Dragons

f) In what movie is Robin Williams' character haunted by a vision of the Red Knight?
The Fisher King

g) What conference rival were the Indiana Hoosiers playing in 1985 when Bobby Knight infamously threw a chair across the court to protest a call?

h) What cartoon series made its Saturday morning debut on CBS on September 13, 1969 with an episode entitled "What a Night for a Knight"?
Scooby Doo

i) In the "Batman" comics storyline "Knightfall", Jean Paul Valley becomes Batman/Azarel after Bruce Wayne's back is broken by what villain?

j) What pop star played the title role in the 1989 made-for-TV movie "Nick Knight", which later became the TV series "Forever Knight" with a different actor in the lead role?
Rick Springfield

k) In what classic arcade game did your knight get points for destroying enemy knights called Bounders, Hunters and Shadow Lords?

Friday, March 13, 2009

More random things seen in the Twitter public timeline

Once again, a collection of things seen in the Twitter public timeline. the hell am i supposed to talk to mama? ((Phone? Telegram? Carrier pigeon?))

PLEASE EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO KILL MYSELF ((Or sure, that might work too.))

Three times? That means it's the end and therefore the purple leprechaun is coming! ((No, the four unicorns of the apocolypse have to show up first.))

AHHHHHH! THE PAPERWORK! IT NEVER ENDS! D: ((And there's the first unicorn.))

seen the finest of NYC finest damn you fine ass lady cop!!! ((Line to get arrested forms to the right))

Ugh, stop poking me! ((Sorry, thought you were a badger and I have this spoon, so...))

eating a poptart.......possibly first time in over 13 years ((Uh-oh. Second unicorn sighted...))

thinking this is not for us ((Of course it is! Or, maybe not.))

I need to move away from Australia, if only so that I can read a decent newspaper. ((If only there were a global network of interconnected computers that would let me read newspapers from elswhere in the world.))

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Can't take the drilling anymore!!!! ((Perhaps you should reconsider the degree in dentistry then?))

Tryin to figure out how to use this thing. Once I do, I'll take over the WORLD! ((Sorry, I already called dibs on taking over the world))

omg I can eat rocky road ice cream even if it turns me blue haha ((How can you be blue if you have ice cream?))

Meeting time. Lots of pretending I know what I'm talking about shall ensue. ((In other words, a meeting.))

I wonder if on a bad day, Worf's not in the mood to die. ((A KLINGON DOES NOT ASK SUCH THINGS!))

yeh, I haven't been brave enough to do it myself yet, but I am sure its not hard ((Yeah, but if it's hard it's easier... no, I'll not go there))

I never thought of that. I feel much better ((You're welcome))

Thinking about self-imposed variations in consciousness. Have reached another step. Interesting. ((Consciousness variation may not be allowed in all states; check your local laws.))

the size of a small walnut ((There are some things you probably don't want shared on Twitter))

My lovely, darling, beautiful, poor little fridge is broken. I think I might cry. ((A candle in the wind, a Funeral for a Fri..dge))

Ha ha I love the word rhinorrhea!! Sounds cooler than runny nose!! ((So does diahrrhea but would you want to exchange the two?))

Monday, March 9, 2009

Trivia Tournament Questions

The Weasels were in a Trivia tournament this past Saturday. Sadly, we did not win (we were tied for fourth at the end but missed the tiebreaker). But, for those who are interested, here are the questions from the tournament.

A quick note on scoring. The tournament is divided into four rounds of five questions each. For each round, all teams are given the categories of the first four questions. After hearing a question, they are allowed to wager 1, 3, 5 or 7 points on their answer as they turn it in. Each number of points can only be used once in a round.

The final question in each round is a bonus, worth a varying number of points.

Points were not lost if a question was answered incorrectly.

(The answers are hidden after each question; highlight to read the answers.)

Round 1 - Archaeology, McDonalds, The Bible, Fashion

1 - Geography: The remnants of a 250 million year old supervolcano was recently discovered in this desolate Russian region.

2 - McDonalds: What color was Grimice?

3 - The Bible: In the Old Testament, who said "Am I my brother's keeper?"

4 - Fashion: What does the abbreviation YSL stand for in the fashion industry?
Yves Saint Laurent

Bonus - 2 points each: Roger Federer has won five of the last 13 Wimbeldon's tennis finals. Name the other five men who have won since 1996 or later.
Rafael Nadal, Lleyton Hewitt, Goran Ivanišević, Pete Sampras, Richard Krajicek

Round 2 - Sports, Geography, World War II, Sitcoms

1 - Sports: Bob Hope, Chris Isaak, Kris Kristofferson, Martin Lawrence, Louis L'amour and John McCain all dabbled in what sport?

2 - Geography: What country contains both South America's highest and lowest points?

3 - World War II: What 1940 air battle, considered to be Nazi Germany's first major defeat of the war, caused Hitler to abandon his plans of invading Britain?
The Battle of Britain

4 - Sitcoms: On the show Scrubs, what actor played Jamie's father until his death in 2003?
John Ritter

Bonus - 2 points each: Name Prince's five number 1 pop hits on the Billboard hot 100 in the US?
Bat Dance, Cream, Kiss, Let's Go Crazy, When Doves Cry

Round 3 - Actresses, Literature, Art, Potpourri

1 - Actresses: What actress made guest appearances on Night Court, Murphy Brown, Frasier and Quantum Leap before becoming a Desperate Housewife?
Terri Hatcher

2 - Literature: Which of the following was not the title of a James Michener novel? Texas, Poland, Alaska, Havana or "It's a trick question, they're all Michener novels".

3 - Art: In the famous 1851 painting Washington Crossing the Delaware, what future US President was depicted holding the flag?

4 - Potpourri: What kind of animal is a "nanook" in the Inuit language?
A Polar Bear

Bonus - 1 point each: Name the nine men who have won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Lead Role twice.
Marlon Brando, Gary Cooper, Daniel Day-Lewis, Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman, Frederic March, Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn, Spencer Tracy

Round 4 - TV, Slang, History, Potpourri

1 - TV: What was the last TV variety show to finish a season in the top 10 of the prime time Nielsen ratings?
Sonny and Cher

2 - Slang: In hip-hop lingo, what are known as "ones and twos"?

3 - History: What US President's real first name was "Hiram"?
Ulysses S. Grant

4 - Potpourri: What country is due north of Chad?

Bonus - 2 points each: Give the answer to each of the following; the answers are all numbers between 11 and 99

1 - The number of "luftballons" in a Nena hit from 1983 - 99
2 - The first Apollo mission to land on the moon - 11
3 - If 2 is the smallest prime number, the 10th smallest prime number is - 29
4 - The number of regular season games in the NHL - 82
5 - The earliest age the emancipation of children can occur in the US - 14
6 - The number of Benjamin Harrison's presidency - 23
7 - The original title of the Beatles' song I Saw Her Standing There - 77
8 - The number of points on a backgammon board - 24
9 - The number of white keys on a standard piano - 52
10 - River Phoenix's age when he died - 23
11 - The name of the last top 40 hit for the Smashing Pumpkins - 33
12 - Dr. Remy Hadley's nickname on the show House - 13
13 - The pre-Korean War boundary between North and South Korea, in latitude - 38
14 - The number of miles from the Earth to the Sun, in millions - 93
15 - The traditional Ruby anniversery - 40
16 - The order to the Clone Troopers to kill the Jedi in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - 66
17 - The maximum number of cars participating in a NASCAR race - 43
18 - The atomic number of Sulfur - 16
19 - The number of teams that play basketball in the Big East conference - 16
20 - The name of the magazine first published in May, 1957 with Elvis on the cover - 16

Tiebreaker: Name the five highest-ranking songs by U2 on the US Billboard hot 100.
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (1),With or Without You (1), Angel of Harlem (3), Desire (3), Mysterious Ways (9)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Son of Return of Random quotes from Twitter

Yes, it's another installment of Things Found in the Twitter Public Timeline


Are supermarket/organic market premade salads generally good sources of food poisoning? ((No, I'm sure there are much better sources out there.))

if I remember my experience correctly it will be down, but back up again before they make any announcement that it's down. '-) ((TwitPic, right?)

That kid named Anthony...his twitter always says he's doing nothing. What a boring kid. Good thing I don't know him. :) ((I'm not a boring kid, but I play one on Twitter for the entertainment of others.))

Ever see something on Facebook that makes you wanna go "God fucking dammit!". Yeah... sometimes I wish that site didn't exist. ((But if it didn't, there would be all these boring kids on Twitter))

Awesome! I'll put it on my list of things to do...I mean buy. No, wait, things to do works too, I think. ((Do or do not, there is no buy))

Watchmen... idk wtf a "Watchment" is. O_o ((Congratulations, you are the only person on the planet who has somehow not seen the media blitz yet.))

Was she wearing a TWLOHA shirt? And really jumpy and excited and crazy? ((No, that was me.))

Listening to ears are bleeding. Someone stop the madness. Not to offend the five of you that like Bananarama. ((Geez... I'll change ringtones then...))

You were awesome last night! :D ((Why thank you!))

I wish I'd buckled down in school to get my Ph.D. in belly button lint. My parents would be soooo proud. ((I got my PhD in D&D))

I'm not naming my kid Nessie...I'm not fucking Stephenie Meyer...fuck you bitch! ((Well... two out of three ain't bad.))

Well, Carlee broke up with me. I can't fucking take this. ((Yeah, it's way too heavy to take.))

finally wrote that fucking essay, and I think I'm getting sick. :( ((Remember, correlation does not imply causation.))

During the massage? ha. My gag reflexes are having a hard time handling this extreme amount of drama and sap. ((Drama and sap in a massage? You're doing it wrong.))

Can you please write to me to let me know that you still want me to follow or else I will delete you! ((Followers - 1))

I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle. ((Professional lifestylists are standing by.))

Yup it's only $10. Do you know someone who goes to meetings? ((For $10? That may be worth it. What kind of meetings?))

oh no.....that is scary...don't look down!!! ((Why not? OH MY GOD MY KEYBOARD IS FILTHY!))

just got a twitter. now i'm a twitter loser. XD ((Welcome Loser))

Working on a plan for my job as a wedding planner. ((So you're a wedding planner planner?))

Everyone in this state is either under water, under the influence or under indictment. ((State of intoxication. Got it.))

Yes, your irony edge was quite dull. Dat's OK! ((I iron all night and I iron all day!))

HOLY SHIT I think I just ended up on a myspace page ((I think we've all ended up on a myspace page at one point or another))

If I follow this guy he'll take me to their hideout. I'll let you ((Careful, it might be on a myspace page))

Just inhaled two mini cupcakes. God I love cupcakes. ((So say we all!))

;AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA; ((Your use of semicolons frightens me))

next thing your going to ask me is how to enlarge! ((I suggest a hands-on demonstration))

seems to be more like kryptonite, but thats just me. ((You're like kryptonite? What?))

Lol ya but this wrestler guy beat up a 60 year old guy! With wood and like a wall thing! And i banana. ((I banana all the time too. Especially with wall things))

hey who would win a fight between jason from friday 13th vs a reaver? ((The geek quotient in that tweet is even too high for this blog!))

Has anyone ever been injured or caused injury by carrying scissors irresponsibly? Adults go on about scissor safety but I'm not buying it. ((Agreed! The running with scissors ban needs to be repealed NOW!))

Return of random quotes from the Twitter public feed

Actually, I do have better things to do than to look at the Twitter public feed, but few of them are as entertaining as people's random comments taken out of context and publicly mocked.

yes, I agree. I kept asking "Can I do this with Big Tent?" and Mia kept saying yes....signed, sealed, delivered. ((If You Know What I Mean))

are you sure you weren't having a secret romantic rendezvous with Tim who coinciddentally also was "sick" today? ((Actually, we were both at the Big Tent...))

Drama that won't happen. He better point his face somewhere else. I may stammer around him, but how much of that is real? ((Only the part about stammering))

:O I am so totally unfollowing you now!!11 ((No! Don't unfollow me! I draw my life's worth from my follower count!))

yeah, I could understand that. damn right... matter fact, if I wasnt so busy I'd prolly be on a road trip right now. ((ROAD TRIP!))

Time to upload the Final Barcode design. ((Let me guess... It's a bunch of lines, right?))

Dr Doom is scared about the US Economy. ((The Fantastic 4 are pushing for a bailout of the Latvarian banks))

Log into your TwitPic account and it should have the details for you. Don't fail me ever again. ;-) ((I am warning you for the last time, Admiral Piett!))

Did u know that when you lick a lollipop and then put it on your hair,it stays!!! It is soooooo cool! ((Sticky, but cool))

A BRA SNIFFING DOG?! WHAT THE FUCK!!? ... sleepy time. x ((But really, is there anything dogs won't sniff?))

its this really weird sound like there is a space ship landing on her computer. ((THEY'VE COME FOR YOU! RUN! RUN!))

Then, by God, let's lick the barn up one side and down the other. ((But will it stick to your hair?))

Friday, February 27, 2009

Latest Random Tweets from the Twitter Public Timeline

Once again, a collection of out-of-context postings taken from the Twitter public timeline.

I don't think that people have forgotten it...they just don't talk about thier adventures there as much. ((First rule of adventure club... no one talks about adventure club!))

Today is a Minor Threat kind of day! ((Someone is threatening adventure club?))

MMMM MMM and MMMMMm :) ((Oh! That kind of adventure club!))

Using vivid imagination pretending to work. Today I'm wildlife survivalist expert that has to tame wild stallion then base jump. ((See, people do talk about their imaginary adventures!))

I guess I should be offended but I'm too busy writing to my boyfriend on death row. ((About my adventures))

whoa-- whatever word you just used, it was so bad, twitter blanked it out completely :p ((It was .....))

Did they pull all of your wisdom? ((No, just my teeth))

i killed the sound. ((You did it! You finally did it! Damn you all to hell!))

Say the word "Dinkleydinkpeterpoo" twice and you'll feel better about the Uggs. ((Dinkleydinkpeterpoo Dinkleydinkpeterpoo... no I don't))

It shames me to no end, to feed poison to those who could very well be my kin. But where there's no demand...someone will supply. ((Supply what? Adventure?))

I remember why I hate lunch so much...the people here are stupid. ((Maybe it's something in the food?))

silensed snipers and gold tiger and black tiger and put the as50 sniper in it and take out last stand an jugger nut ((I don't know, I don't know, I just don't know))